People living in apartments without balconies are usually very much aware of the benefits of balconies. It is a nice place for thinking, breathing fresh air or enjoying your coffee. For some people, it is an indispensable place to contribute to the state budget revenue from excise duty on tobacco. Unfortunately, enjoyment of a balcony can be hampered by strong winds or poor weather with low temperatures. We recommend enclosing your balcony, so that it would not be simply a floor area, which remains unused for most of the time. Glass is naturally the best option for enclosing, as it retains the positive and eliminates negative aspects of balconies. You will still have an excellent view and fresh air, but without wind and rain. A suitable glass can also assist in thermal regulation – cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter. In addition, balcony glasses can be designed so that they can be opened. Enclosed balconies have to comply with safety requirements – the higher a balcony the more it is exposed to wind pressures, and selection of a usable solution should be based on this consideration. Please contact us for more information!